Additional Charges

JULY 2020

As a customer, you pay a fixed, monthly contractual amount every month that will change
depending on which tariff you’re on and which allowances you’re enjoying. However, there are exceptions.
Not everything is included in your monthly allowances and you may occasionally need to pay a bit extra.


Calls to premium & non-geographic numbersSet by premium & NGN operator
Sending an MMS message*40p per message
Using data after exceeding your data limit*4p per MB

* Please see Terms and Conditions for more details. Prices exclude VAT


International calls originating in the UK Cost*Set by premium & NGN operator
Isle of Man & Channel Islands45p per minute
Ireland (Republic of)54p per minute
Albania, Algeria, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus (Republic of), Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Italy & Vatican, Kosovo, La Reunion, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Martinique, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Cyprus, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, USA125p per minute
Rest of the World (any destination not listed above)167p per minute

* Prices exclude VAT

To view our full pricing guide please visit


Out of bundle usage while roaming INSIDE the Europe ZoneCost*
Receiving a callFREE
Out-of-zone calls e.g. France to Australia140p per minute
3G & 4G data4p per MB
All other additional usage within the Europe Zone is based on UK allowances

* Prices exclude VAT


Out of bundle usage while roaming OUTSIDE the Europe ZoneCost*
Any call received or made (per minute)140p
SMS (per message)40p
Data usage (per MB)600p

* Prices exclude VAT

international calls: minimum call charges

The minimum call charge will apply to calls that last less than one minute. In these cases, the minimum charge is equivalent to a one-minute call and the price is based on the destination in which the call is received. For more information please refer our pricing guide. Per minute pricing will remain the same

terms & conditions

These Terms & Conditions form part of the Customer Guide and are incorporated into the Business Customer Contract between each Customer and Plan Communications Limited (“”).

Each Tariff includes a monthly allowance for minutes, data or texts or a combination thereof (the “Inclusive Allowance”).  Any minutes, data or texts (as applicable) up to the amount of the Inclusive Allowance will be provided as consideration for your monthly Charges. 

Inclusive Allowances apply for one calendar month only and cannot be rolled-over to a subsequent calendar month.

 Usage outside any Inclusive Allowance or which exceeds any Inclusive Allowance will incur additional charges for the customer (“Additional Charges”) and will be added to a Customer’s invoice as Charges that are additional to their selected Tariff (“Additional Charges”).

Please see Tariff Guide – Bolt Ons for more information.

All Tariffs and usage will be subject to the Fair Usage Policy which can be found at

Incurred if a Customer’s usage exceeds or is not included in the Inclusive Allowance or any part thereof (i.e. usage is in excess of the data, voice or SMS allowances).

Additional Charge

All Tariffs

Voice call to a non-O2 network or to a landline

33p per minute

Voice call to O2 numbers

Free in the UK, elsewhere 33p per minute


Free in the UK, elsewhere 33p per minute


10p each

Data (including mobile broadband)

4p per MB

Special, Premium, Non-Geographic

Incurred if a Customer makes a call or sends an SMS to certain non-geographic numbers or chargeable numbers operated by third-parties (e.g. quiz lines, help lines, directory enquiries etc).

The charge when making calls to chargeable numbers is split into two parts. There’s the access charge, which is what we charge you, per minute, for connecting the call. Then there’s the service charge, which is decided by the organisation you’re calling, who have to make you aware of the charge. The total cost of the call will be the access charge, plus the provider’s service charge.

If you’re making a service call, you should check the prices with the provider. They’re often operated by third parties, so we can’t let you know when their prices change.

Premium text service numbers usually start with the prefix 06, 07, 08 or 09 and are usually a five- or six-digit number. The services include entering competitions, donating to charity and voting on TV talent shows.

Services that use premium texts include:

  • Sending messages to radio stations
  • Chat services
  • Accessing low cost calls to international numbers
  • Entering TV competitions
  • Voting in TV reality shows
  • Charity donations

Calls can be made for free from the following Prefixed numbers; 

  • 080
  • 111 NHS Services
  • 116
  • 119
  • 195
  • 999

Unless stated otherwise or Customer has purchased a specific Bolt-On, the Inclusive Allowance of each Tariff only includes (i) UK to UK calls; (ii) Europe Zone to Europe Zone calls; and (iii) calls from the Europe Zone back to the UK.;  Calls within the UK only are calls made or received in either England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland.

When a Customer makes a call or sends an SMS from inside the UK to a foreign country, this is considered International usage.  For the avoidance of doubt, calls and SMS from the UK to destinations in the Europe Zone will considered International usage.

For any International calls or International SMS, the following Charges apply:

International Calls

Zones Price per minute
Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man 45p per minute / 45p minimum charge
Ireland (Republic of) 54p per minute / 54p minimum charge
Europe Zone 125p per minute / 125p minimum charge
World Zone (any destination that isn’t in the UK or Europe Zone) 167p per minute / 167p minimum charge

International SMS

Call Destination Additional Charge (per message)
Any destination 30p

All calls or SMS will be subject to a minimum charge, equal to one minute’s usage/one message (as applicable)

Roaming calls, text and data

‘Roaming’ occurs when a Connection is used ‘on another operator’s network, typically when abroad’.

The Inclusive Allowance of each Tariff only includes (i) UK to UK calls; (ii) Europe Zone to Europe Zone calls; and (iii) calls from the Europe Zone back to the UK.  Calls within the UK only are calls made or received in either England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland.

Additional Charges for Roaming beyond an Inclusive Allowance are standardised for all customers regardless of their domestic Tariff or their destination.

For more information see “Roaming” below.

Europe Zone

Customers can use their Inclusive Allowance anywhere in the UK or the Europe Zone but unless stated otherwise in the Tariff, any usage beyond that Inclusive Allowance will be chargeable at the below rates:

Usage Type Additional Charge
Receiving a call FREE
Out of Zone calls (e.g. France to Australia) 140p per minute
3G and 4G data usage 4p per MB

World Zone

Any usage that occurs outside of the UK/Europe Zone will be charged at the below rates:

Usage Type (for usage anywhere outside the UK/Europe Zone) Additional Charge
Any call made or received 140p per minute
SMS 40p per message
Data Usage 600p per MB


Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) includes the sending of picture, audio or video messages via core SMS capability, but may also include the sending of a message exceeding 160 characters or may be based on your device settings.  MMS are not included in any Inclusive Allowance.

Service/Usage Additional Charge
MMS 40p each

Domestic Calls

Unless stated otherwise, made to landlines after any Inclusive Allowance has been reached will incur the following Additional Charges:


Additional Charge (per minute)

Calls to landlines (01, 02, 03, 0800 and 0808) excl. Premium rate or non-geographic numbers


Calls to or O2 mobiles


Calls to other mobiles (excl. Three)


Calls to Three mobiles


International Calls

Rates apply 24/7/365. All calls are charged per second and there are no connection or setup charges for UK calls.

Unless your Tariff specifically provides International Calls within its Inclusive Allowance then International Calls from a Fixed Line Service will incur Charges at the rates set out at

 Unless otherwise stated, continued usage after any Inclusive Allowance has been reached will incur the following Additional Charges:

Usage Type


All Network

Data (per MB)



Voice (per minute)



Text (per message)



Bolt-Ons and Data Boosts

Subject to Tariff compatibility, customers may purchase Bolt-Ons or Data Boosts to provide temporary, reduced cost usage, which may supplement any Inclusive Allowance (or component thereof), for a specified period. Terms & Conditions apply.

See Tariff Guide: Bolt-Ons for further information. 

Unlimited calls, texts or data usageAll Tariffs, including those Tariffs that provide an ‘Unlimited’ amount of calls, texts or data usage (or a combination thereof) – are subject to our Fair Usage Policy which can be found at:


Inclusive Allowances of data, minutes and texts can be used when roaming in the following Europe Zone countries: 

Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus (Republic of) Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Isle of Man, Ireland (Republic of), Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion Islands, Romania, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican City.

The following usage types will be included in a Customer’s Inclusive Allowance:

  • All data usage in the Europe Zone
  • Calls and texts back to the UK from a Europe Zone destination (including voicemail retrieval)
  • Calls and texts within a Europe Zone destination e.g. Spain to Spain
  • Calls and texts from one country to another where both are in the Europe Zone, e.g. Spain to Germany (except where calls or texts originate in the UK -these are still regarded as international calls/SMS)

The following usage is excluded from a Customer’s Inclusive Allowance:

  • Calls and texts from a Europe Zone destination to a non-Europe Zone destination, e.g. Spain to the USA. This usage is classified as Out of Zone and is subject to a per minute/SMS charge.
  • All calls and texts to Premium/Non-Geographic numbers, together with are texts received from premium rate numbers, the likes of marketing messages.

While roaming in Europe Zone countries that border with non-Europe Zone countries (e.g. The Republic of Cyprus borders with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), it is possible for a roaming device to connect with a mobile mast in the non-Europe Zone country. In these cases, voice, text and data charges will be levied at the higher, non-European rates (e.g. data usage may cost up to £6 per MB). is not responsible for Charges incurred when connecting cross-border and to prevent the chances of so connecting, we strongly recommend when Roaming, to deactivate the automatic network selection through a user’s handset settings.

World Zone

If a Customer is Roaming in any country that is not in the Europe Zone, then the Customer will be considered as Roaming in the World Zone.

Maritime, Satellite and Airborne

Note that usage on maritime, satellite and airborne networks will not be provided for in any Inclusive Allowance and will be charged at £6 per MB even if they are based in the Europe Zone. cannot be held responsible for Equipment accessing these networks and is not liable for any Additional Charges that are incurred from Equipment using these networks, even if accidental. Please take extra care when travelling off-land or within areas not covered by mobile operators. We suggest putting your device into flight-safe mode in these situations or turning off roaming data on your device.

International Calls and Texts

International usage includes calls and SMS that originate in the UK and are received by services outside the UK. International usage does not include making calls or sending SMS while abroad (these are classed as roaming usage, no matter where the call or SMS is received). Calls and SMS back to the UK from destinations outside the Europe Zone are charged as International Calls.  International usage is not is not included within unlimited call or unlimited text allowances.

You can contact us to change to a different Tariff at any point during the term of your Agreement with us. We will decide which Tariff you can change to.  In certain circumstances, you may be required to enter into a new agreement with us for a Minimum Term.

All Charges in this Tariff Guide are exclusive of VAT. 

All call charges are per minute and will be rounded to the nearest tenth of a penny.

International call charges are subject to a minimum call charge. The minimum call charge will apply to calls that last less than one minute. In these cases, the minimum charge is equivalent to a one-minute call and the price is based on the destination in which the call is received.

SMS charges are per message (max 160 characters per message).

Data usage is charged per MB or part thereof.

Service is subject to the General Terms and Conditions and other terms of your Business Customer Agreement with Plan.

We reserve the right to amend these terms, or to withdraw or amend any Charge in this Tariff Guide at any time.

If we do that, we will do it in accordance with the notice provisions set out in the General Terms and Conditions.

References to ‘’plan’’ in these terms and conditions are to Plan Communications Limited, registered under company number 010273V, with registered offices at 2nd Floor, IOMA House, Hope Street, Douglas, Isle of Man IM1 1AP.


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