Discover the power of my.plan for your business!

Explore our collection of insightful demo videos showcasing the capabilities of my.plan. From simple navigation to powerful features, these demos are your key to unlocking a world of possibilities.

navigating my.plan

Our first video delves into navigating the portal through a web browser. Although very similar, the desktop and mobile versions vary slightly in their navigation, so if you’re planning to only use the mobile app, we recommend you view the mobile navigation video.

upgrading your my.plan account

We’ll be taking you through our package levels, the benefits of each, and how to upgrade a singular selection or your entire base with just a few clicks.


utilising service panels

With service panels in my.plan, handling your account has never been easier. Whether you’ve got a single service or a thousand, the power to control and monitor them all is just a single click away.


my.plan Settings, users and contacts

In this video, we’ll cover the key features of account and user management., showing you how to manage and access contacts within my. Plan.

accessing your invoice and charges

With my.plan, you’re in control of your accounts insights anytime, anywhere. We’ve simplified accessing your latest and past invoices for your convenience

We have plenty more how to videos on the way…